This is from Joe For America.

So much for Obama’s “If you see something Say something.”

It seems it applies to white Christian males only.

Hey – the new Attorney General is finally doing something logical and appropriate! She’s investigating the whole “Bring a clock to school that looks like a bomb” incident…

A Muslim kid brings a scary device into school and an alert teacher does the old, “if you see something, say something;” then everyone goes nuts and Obama intervenes, invites the little hero to the White House and proclaims that America sucks, remember?

Well, not so fast ClockMed, Lorretta Lynch isn’t looking into whether or not it was a scam, she’s investigating the alert teacher and administrators in the school for daring to question a device that looks LIKE A BOMB!

It’s not enough that Lynch has vowed to prosecute “islamophobic” speech – now she’s going to investigate the detention of little innocent Clock Boy; who just happens to have a $15 million lawsuit pending against the city and the school..

A little background, for those who don’t hang on my every word:

Ahmed Mohamed is a 14-year-old arrested for bringing a “hoax bomb” to class in Irving, Texas. He wasn’t charged with anything except a 3-day suspension. They should have immediately thrown him and everyone involved in a camp bound for deportation, but that’s just me I guess. Yeah, I live near San Bernadino, California – but maybe those guys only had clocks instead of Glocks, who can remember?

Several congressman had asked for a DOJ investigation and they finally got one…. against the good citizens bright enough to recognize this was either a hoax or a very, very bad thing this kid and no doubt his family had dreamed up.

Listen to me folks, this whole thing was a set-up from the beginning and everyone knows it. How does this kid get invited to the White House BEFORE any investigation takes place? I’ll tell you how: It’s a scam from the get-go.

The kid is already out of the country, back to some Shiite-hole where he’ll begin his future as an actual terrorist perhaps? Wait – it gets better!

Mohamed’s family yanked him out of the racist, climate-change denying Irving Independent School District and zipped him off to Qatar where BOOM! – He got a full scholarship to attend something called a “Qatar Foundation school.” Setting a foundation for what, I ask?

Unless the Attorney General’s “investigation” helps with the $15 million lawsuit, in which case Clockmed will be seen at Caesar’s Palace with some Eastern European hookers at the high stakes Baccarat table in about three years.

This is a sick, sick Administration and you all better wise up.