This is from Godfathers Politics. 

Where are the white people rioting and looting after a black thug shoots a white cop?

Oh, I forgot the white people are working to pay for the welfare that the black thugs get.

Forty years ago I applied for the local police department. I passed all the tests and physical except at the time my eye sight without my glasses did not meet the minimum requirement. I truly wanted to be a police officer at the time to help protect my family and community.

America has drastically changed in the past 40 years and given the same circumstances I would not want to be a police officer anywhere in the United States. Law enforcement officers are under attack by criminals, the media, racists like Al Sharpton and the Obama administration. If a white officer looks at a black person as a possible suspect in a crime, they are labeled as being racist. If a white officer is forced to use lethal force to stop a black criminal, blacks across the nation protest and threaten his life and in some cases the lives of the officer’s family.

Yet when a black person shoots a police officer, there are no protests, no outcry from the liberal media or civil rights organization. Will it be the same for Winston-Salem Police Officer Nicholas Wayne Powell, a white officer, who was shot by Gary G. Lynn, a black felon during a traffic stop?

Fellow Officer Adam Gardner spotted a car speeding and pulled it over at 1:53am. There were three black men in the car and when Gardner approached them, he thought he could smell marijuana, which is still illegal in North Carolina. He asked the three men to step out of the car as several other officers arrived on the scene.

Then Lynn jumped back in the car and started it up. Officer Powell went to the driver’s side and Gardner to the passenger side, trying to prevent Lynn from putting the car in gear, but he managed to do so anyway, dragging Powell for nearly a quarter of a mile. As Powell struggled with Lynn, the convicted felon pulled a gun and began firing. Powell was shot several times and somehow Lynn managed to shoot himself. Both men were taken to the hospital but none of their wounds are life threatening and Lynn was quickly arrested.

There are three points I want to make.

One is that after a black man shot and wounded a white police officer, there are no accusations of racism, no protests and no civil rights activists descending upon Winston-Salem and I doubt there ever will be. It seems that only a white person can be guilty of racism in today’s warped and twisted culture, but a black person can never be racist no matter how much they hate whites and act upon that hatred.

Two, Lynn is a convicted felon who was illegally in possession of a firearm. According to a North Carolina attorney’s website:

“‘Is there anything that can be done to allow me to own or possess a firearm.’ Until recently, my answer would always be, ‘No, there isn’t anything that can be done.’ However, as of late, our expungement statutes have changed, which have allowed some people who have been convicted felonies, which fall in certain categories, to be expunged from their records. This is one way for convicted felons to be able to possess and own a firearm again. This is also the ‘cleanest’ way to ensure that someone previously convicted of a felony (one that falls in the categories mentioned in the expungement statutes) can once again own or possess a firearm. A less ‘clean’ option to try and have your firearm rights restored is to petition the court for restoration of their firearm rights. The difference between an expungement and an order to restore firearm rights is that the expungement, which is allowed if someone meets all of the criteria, wipes the felony conviction off of the person’s criminal history; whereas, the order does no such thing. An order granting restoration overrides the statute which bans a person convicted of a felony from purchasing, possessing, or having any firearm. The restoration also removes the felony conviction bar on eligibility for a handgun permit and for a concealed handgun permit.”

“Who qualifies for this potential restoration of firearm rights?”

“A person with a single, nonviolent felony conviction, including multiple nonviolent felony convictions arising out of the same event and consolidated for sentencing, who has had their restoration of citizenship rights for at least 20 years before filing of the petition, has no other felony convictions, no misdemeanors involving violence and/or certain misdemeanors involving weapons, who has been a resident of North Carolina for one year or longer and has submitted his or her fingerprints to the sheriff of the county in which they reside for a criminal background check. If you meet the criteria above, then you can petition the court for restoration, however, it is not automatic restoration. There will be a hearing, where the burden is on the petitioner to establish by a preponderance of the evidence that they are qualified to receive the restoration and a district attorney may present evidence in opposition to the petitioner’s request.”

“While this petition to restore firearm rights is not automatic relief, it is an option for some people who have been convicted of a felony and do not qualify for an expungement. It should be noted, however, that this restoration by North Carolina does not necessarily lift a federal ban, which is a separate ban and another blog for another day.”

Lynn did not qualify for the restoration relief as his felony convictions involve weapons violations and robbery, therefore he was not legally permitted to be in possession of a firearm. No background checks or firearms laws kept Lynn from illegally obtaining a gun which only helps support the claim made by many gun rights advocates like myself that the gun control laws do NOT prevent the wrong people from obtaining a firearm if they intend to do so.

Three, with all of the police shootings, some justifiable and some not, more pressure is being placed on police officers to not use lethal force until it’s absolutely necessary. This is causing many officers to hesitate drawing their gun and in some cases that hesitation is going to get officers shot and possibly murdered. That may not have applied in the case with Officer Powell, but it will apply in more and more cases and we are going to see in increase in the number of police officers getting shot and killed in the line of duty for fear of being sued or charged with a crime for doing their job.

As Obama is about to enact more unconstitutional and illegal executive orders that violate the Second Amendment rights of every American, more and more criminals and crazies continue to obtain their guns through illegal means.

The shooting of Officer Powell demonstrates how hypocritical and racist black activists are and how ineffective gun control really is in stopping the wrong people from obtaining a gun.