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The veteran opened a can of whoop ass on this black thug.

A crook tried to knock off a Florida gas station and got a life lesson that you need to know who you’re messing with.

David Dick, the store clerk working the store last week, is a United States Army veteran with multiple combat deployments to Iraq.

“Over a couple dollars. He wanted to ruin someone’s life and I’m not going to lie, that makes me mad,” said Dick to local media.

As he was working, a roughly 20-year-old black man around 5’8″ tall and wearing a White Sox baseball cap approached and drew a gun on him.

“I put my hands up. Kept my hands calm. Right where he could see them,” Dick said. He then opened the register for the robber and waited for an opportunity.

“As soon as he took the gun off of me and took his eyes off of me, that’s when my training kicked in.”

The video shows the Army veteran pummeling the suspect repeatedly in the face and disarming him of what turned out to be an airsoft gun.

“I wanted to do damage. I’m not going to lie. I wanted to do damage to him. The last punch, his face kind of felt like mush.”

Dick then chased the robber from the store and watched him get into a waiting car before fleeing the scene.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office lauded the Army veteran for defending himself, and his co-workers are effusive in their appreciation. But Dick says he was just doing what he had to.

“I love my family too much not to be home.”

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