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The only people that are offened by these signs are the thugs at black lives matter.


Residents in Memphis woke up to signs around town that didn’t sit well with some, who are up in arms about what they feel is a sickening message. Meanwhile, others, who applaud what they are promoting, suggest that the whiners take a seat and shut their mouths because the country has heard enough from them.

It began in one city at the epicenter of the racial divide and cop slander — Memphis, Tennessee. A company called Tactical Magic wanted to pay tribute to fallen officers, as well as brave men and women in blue who risk their lives daily for others. When the first Blue Lives Matters sign was erected in the southern town plagued with violence, Lamar Advertising Company heard about it and wanted to help with countering the Black Lives Matter movement, placing copycat cop signs in Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia.


Memphis Wakes To 'Sickening' Messages Jammed Down Their Throats


The electric signs beam in blue pride for these public servants, displaying more than the play on the hate-filled group’s name, by sticking it to them in stating who the real heroes are. In bold white letters, another blue sign that’s popped up in Memphis says, “Memphis heroes wear blue.” This is an important reminder in a town where thugs are idolized for all the wrong reason. They demand respect through violence, while police earn it through their selfless duty to the public.

Memphis Wakes To 'Sickening' Messages Jammed Down Their Throats

While patriots and awesome Americans are behind these signs all the way, the race-baiters are incensed about what they perceive is a slap in the face to hijacking their slogan, trading out the “Black” for the “Blue.”

“I think in some aspects it’s shameful that the brand is being co-opted, but once again it was never meant to say ‘only black lives matter,’” Darel Ross, co-executive director of LINC Community Revitalization Inc tried to claim about the movement that announced an “open season” on all cops and white people. What about the three words “Black Lives Matter” makes it sound inclusive of all people and all lives? It’s exclusive to Black people, as is stated in the simplest of terms.

The NAACP had to weigh in with their two cents about how these signs are offensive, complaining that Tactical Matter and Lamar Advertising Company are welcome to have theirs signs, just so long as they would have been a little more considerate in their statement. “I get it, in terms of what they’re trying to do in terms of this campaign, it promotes a sense of solidarity, but I think you have to be a little more intentional when doing that, if you really are trying to improve the relationships between communities across this country and law enforcement,” Cle Jackson, president of the NAACP chapter in greater Grand Rapids, told FOX 17.