This is from my email box.

I Know I will catch lots of grief for this and I denounce myself.

I was at the pub yesterday and I ran into Tarzan.

I asked him how it was going,and if he was making any more movies.

He told me,”Me no longer make movies, me have severe arthritis,both shoulders bad and not swing from vine to tree no more”.

I asked about Boy, and he told me “Boy, gone big city, get with bad women,on drugs and alcoholic and only time hear from him when in trouble or need something”

I asked how Jane was doing? He told me,

“Jane in bad shape, in nursing home, has bad Alzheimer’s and not recognizes anyone.”

 How sad!

I asked about Cheeta: He beamed and said“Cheeta do good!  She marry lawyer, had plastic surgery, now live in White House!”

I know, something bad is going to happen to me for showing this to you, but I couldn’t resist !!!