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Bernie will be feeling the burn when he dies.

Indirectly invoking the left-wing and Islamic narrative of Israel’s existence as the cause of political dysfunction in the Middle East, Senator Bernie Sanders implied to supporters at a campaign rally on Monday in Dearborn, Michigan – home of one of the nation’s largest Arab and Muslim communities – that “hatred and warfare” in the Middle east region were the fault of Israel.

Praising former Democrat presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for their presumably good faith-endeavors to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict, Sanders implied that America unjustifiably treated the various parties unequally.

In other words, allegedly favorable treatment of Israel at the expense of its Arab enemies needed to change. Moral relativism was also deployed via implication, declaring all sides as entitled to equal treatment.

“For decades now, there has been hatred and warfare in the Middle East,” Sander said. “All I can tell you is I will make every single effort to bring rational people on both sides [of the Israel/Arab conflict] together, so that hopefully we can have through a level playing field – the United States treating everybody in that region equally – hopefully, and I know that there are people of goodwill in Israel and the Arab communities,”

Attributing regional conflict to Israel’s existence by conflating Israel with the entirety of the Middle East, Sanders neglected to comment on the roles of Muslim and Arab social and cultural pathologies driving the “hatred and warfare” of the region.

Approximating the modern state of Israel’s age – sixty-seven years – Sanders pushed via implication the narrative framing peace between Jews and Arabs in and around Israel as the master key to regional utopia, asserting, “We cannot continue to have for another sixty years the kind of hatred and conflict that exists in the Middle East.”

Earlier in his address, Sanders described Muslims in America as being “scapegoated” by Donald Trump, framing them as an at-risk minority group in need of benevolent Democrat protection while simultaneously casting the Republican front-runner as a modern iteration of Adolf Hitler, as per the weekly left-wing media narrative.