This is from Patriot UpDate.

I want to do whatever I can do to get under liberals thin skin and tick them off.

f you have ever been to Detroit, Michigan – It’s a war zone. Maybe not so much literally (thought a argument could be made…) but visually. It’s looks as if some Abram tanks rolled through some neighborhoods and decimated it. Now, ask yourself why? Then connect the dots.


Here is a breakdown of ten cities that have ruined by Democratic ideology, according to FrontPageMag:

Camden, New Jersey has a poverty rate of 42.5% and hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1936.
Detroit Michigan…36.2 %…since 1962.
Cleveland Ohio…36%…since 1989.
El Paso, Texas…35%…never elected a Republican mayor.
Buffalo, New York….29.9%…since 1965
Milwaukee Wisconsin…29.9%..since 1908.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…28%….since 1952
Cincinnati, OH… poverty rate 27.4%….and hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1984.
Newark New Jersey … 26.1% … since 1907

St. Louis… 26%…since 1949.

Democratic policies have laid waste to the once great cities of America. Now, the decimation of them all vary on levels, but Detroit is very much on the top of the list as most decrepit. When you place democrats (and even progressive republicans) in charge of running the infrastructure of a city, be sure to know their polices first.

Know if their policies actually work by comparing it to history. Just because some soft schmuck in a suit promises you the world, doesn’t mean you get it.