Rush has made some great points about how time after time when it seemed one of the Clinton’s would be in jail then they skate.

The DemocRats circle the wagons and rescue them and they will do the same thing to protect the first black president.

RUSH: Folks, I’m gonna tell you what I think is actually going on here.  I think we are being played in the standard, common, everyday way the Clinton team plays the American people.  It has happened, I can’t count the number of times, dating back to when Bill Clinton was in the White House. Essentially what this is — and the Lynch-Clinton meeting is the latest ingredient — we’re being set up for massive disappointment, depression, and dispiritedness… When she skates, they want you depressed, they want you down in the dumps, they want you giving up, they want you thinking there’s no way you can win.  They want you thinking they can get away with everything.  That’s the Clinton MO, and we are right smack-dab in the middle of another such play. Don’t doubt me.

Source: We’re Being Played by the Clintons – The Rush Limbaugh Show