If this was a white man he would be under a prison by now.

I see a POS shooting at a police officer and I can get a shot I will shoot the bastard.

Look at the ignorant white sheeple cheering for this thug.

The would be among the first to die if these punks create anarchy.

A video has surfaced this week showing what seems to be Black Lives Matter activists in Portland, Oregon encouraging a crowd of supporters to shoot police officers when confronted. At the beginning of the clip (below), text appears that reads: “At Pioneer Courthouse Square, passionate speakers shared their thoughts.” And by “passionate” it means “rage-filled,” and by “shared their thoughts” it means “demand that people kill cops whenever possible.”

Source: Video: BLM Activists Demanding Cop Killing, ‘Pull Your Pistol Out And You F***ing Bust At ‘Em!’ | Daily Wire