I thought the DemocRats told us that a wall won’t work?

To the Democratic National Committee elites, keeping average Americans away from their convention is a good idea, while protecting the southern border from intruding terrorists, rapists and murderers is a bad one. The DNC has erected a four-mile fence around its convention site at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. (Isn’t it ironic they’re doing so much to protect a site named after a bank?) https://twitter.com/mojobubba/status/757170140395941888 The fence, which appears to be about 8 feet tall, is intended to keep out any individuals with whom Democratic Party leaders, delegates and other liberal elites would rather not mingle. Fox 29’s Steve Keeley shared

Source: PHOTOS: DNC erects four-mile eight-foot tall fence around Philly convention site – The American MirrorThe American Mirror