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This Civil War Veteran is still fighting for his country from the grave.


In a graveyard in Kansas one can see this Kansas man’s final act that was to warn the rest of us of the dangers and hardships that the Democratic party would bring to this country.

However, this didn’t take place after seeing the mess of this country that Obama and Hillary and the rest of the Dems have made as of recently this warning came 124 years ago and was carved into the side of this man’s tombstone as his dying request.

 Nathanial Grigsby fought in the civil war and was 2nd Lieutenant of Company G, 10th Indiana Cavalry division. He was born on October 11, 1811 and was even said to be a good friend of Abraham Lincoln.

After the war Grigsby decided to settle down and become a farmer where he would live the rest of his days before passing on and leaving us with this ‘dire’ warning.

Grigsby actually wrote to Lincoln in 1860 and was granted an appointment as a Republican Precinct Committee Man. Later that year he wrote in Lincoln’s name on the ballot.

He had been very vocal about wanting to elect Lincoln for president in the local town that was all but exclusively populated by southern sympathizers and one evening around 2 or 3 in the morning Grigsby was approached by a neighbor. The neighbor informed Grigsby that his other neighbors had been plotting to kill Grigsby.

He warned Grigsby that if Grigsby wished to leave alive he would not light any lights and skip town right then and there.

Shortly thereafter Grigsby and four of his five sons moved from Norborne, MO and headed back to Spencer, IN where they all enlisted in the Company C 10th IN Cavalry, only Richmond Davis did not enlist with the rest of the family.

Grigsby was then named 2nd Lieutenant and carried out his duty in the civil war.

He ended up passing away on April 16, 1890 but not before making his dying wish. He wanted to leave a message that would last much longer than just his story. He made sure to have someone carve this engraving in the side of his tombstone when he passed away:


The engraving warns of the extreme dangers of the Democratic party and even we should all “beware of this party of treason.”

Well we have all seen the borderline treasonous acts committed by many of the heads of this party be it any number of presidential acts carried out by Obama during his time in office or any of the many scandals in which Hillary continues to put American lives in danger for the sake of her stupidity or selfish personal gain.

While Grigsby had to face many different evils propagated by Democrats in his time such as the support for the continuation of slavery, or even the early years of the KKK that was founded by Democrats themselves, his message still rings true even today.

It seems that everywhere you look these days the Dems are trying to take apart our country one brick at a time, be it by destroying our nation’s constitutional integrity or by inciting race wars and turning our nation’s public against the very people sworn to serve and protect them, the police force.

Democrats like Michelle Obama love to bring up some of the darker parts of our nation’s history to turn the public against Republicans but perhaps they should take a good hard look at their own party and the part it played in these darker moments in history first.

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Source: Authentic Campaigner