H/T Conservative Tribune. 

Another DemocRat stooge.


Every second day, it seems, the media adopt some new minor figure who has lashed out at Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence. The latest one of these is Catherine Byrne, a military mother who confronted Gov. Pence during a rally in Carson City, Nevada, over the Republican nominee’s rebuttal to Gold Star father Khizr Khan.

“Time and time again, Trump has disrespected our nation’s armed forces and veterans and his disrespect for Mr. Khan and his family is just an example of that,” she said at the rally, calling on Pence to disavow Trump.

“Will there ever be a point in time when you’ll be able to look Trump in the eye and tell him, ‘enough is enough?’” Byrne said over a cascade of boos.


While the liberal media fawned over Byrne and barely acknowledged Pence’s reply, many people noticed something odd about Byrne — namely, her stilted, robotic, rehearsed delivery.

As it turns out, Byrne was likely just another liberal plant. Here’s a picture from her Facebook page, via The Gateway Pundit:



That page has since been made private, for reasons I cannot possibly fathom.