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Revoke her and her families citizenship and deport them.

Just last week we brought you the embarrassing story of American-Muslim Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad, who has spent time denigrating the U.S. of A. in her media appearances before these Olympics began. But the intrepid folks at the Young Conservatives have found even more reason to be embarrassed about Muhammad as a representative of America at the 2016 Rio Olympics… she doesn’t seem to have much ofa problem with Islamic terrorism.

Free speech activist and Islamo-realist Pamela Geller recently dug up this old Facebook post from Muhammad which praised Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled.


Who was Khaled?

Khaled joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine at a young age and shot to global prominence with a series of hijackings in 1969 and 1970.

In the first, she was one of a group that hijacked a Trans World Airlines (TWA) flight from Rome to Athens in August 1969. The plane was redirected to Damascus, where it was blown up after the passengers were evacuated.

She struck again the following year — after undergoing plastic surgery — when she participated in the simultaneous hijacking of four El Al planes. That attempt was less successful than the first. Khaled was apprehended by an in-flight security officer and turned over to the British authorities.


Even more interesting are some of the other social media posts that Geller and the Young Cons dig up.

Geller focuses on the anti-American nature of Muhammad’s posts, pointing out that she really seems to dislike white, Middle-class American men. Geller also notes that Muhammad is very supportive of an imam who has spent time and spoken with infamous Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki. Muhammad seems to be a big fan of Imam Suhaib Webb who knew al-Awlaki and has been connected to at least a couple of extremist mosques in the United States (including the mosque of the Tsarnaev brothers and the mosque attended by the Oklahoma beheader).

Meanwhile, the Young Conservatives focused in on Muhammad’s obvious antipathy toward the nation of Israel. She contends that Israel is the terrorist force “occupying” Palestinian land and that the nation of Israel is “racist” against African migrants. (She ignores the fact that Israel has millions of non-Jewish citizens who freely participate in society as well as worshipping freely, while Jews and Christians in Muslim countries are routinely persecuted, jailed, and killed.)

Ibtihaj Muhammad’s hatred of Israel, her distaste for Western civilization, and her disrespectful attitude to the nation that has given her so much is appalling. Even worse is the fact that liberals actually wanted Muhammad, who has had little good to say about her home, to carry our beloved flag at the Opening Ceremonies.

Ms. Muhammad may be a tremendous athlete and a world-class fencer, but she has proven to be a less-than perfect choice to represent the greatest nation in the history of the world.


H/T to our friends at the Young Conservatives and to Pamela Geller