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By sharing this truth I am a racist and deplorable.

Here’s a story BLM doesn’t want you notice… it would EXPOSE THEM as the political charlatans they are.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting new horrific milestones in that great city. This describes the symptom, not the illness:

With the weekend toll of eight killed and 35 wounded, Chicago surpassed another dreaded milestone in a year that has seen the worst violence in two decades. As of early Monday, at least 3,028 people had been shot, more than the 2,980 for all of 2015, according to data collected by the Tribune. Last week, Chicago topped 500 homicides after tallying 481 all of last year, according to the Tribune data.

What’s the real problem?

Guns aren’t the problem in these neighborhoods. Poverty, lack of traditional families, lack of employment and poor education are the problems in these neighborhoods. The Left will NEVER admit the truth because they’d have to admit their ideology and policies have been a failure.

Police morale is a problem thanks to the Left and their pushing the faux “Black Lives Matter” movement. A movement that cares nothing about black lives and everything about pushing extreme left wing ideology. White leftists created this disaster yet they sit in their ivory towers and suburban mansions and claim they ‘care.’

Law-abiding citizens can’t even get firearms to protect themselves in Chicago but the gang bangers certainly have no problem. Criminals don’t use legal guns; they use illegal guns. They aren’t passing background checks or asking permission from some idiotic bureaucrats to have a firearm, they get them through any means necessary. But law-abiding citizens can’t.
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