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We are screwed with this kind of mentality among our young people.

Will America survive this ignorance?

“White Denial”

“White Denial”

On a recent broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” a panel discussion about the shootings in North Carolina went to the topic of race, as these discussions tend to do. Political analyst Juan Williams said, “I just worry that there’s a lot of white denial about what is a very racial situation.”

Every situation can be made about race. If any headway is to be made regarding the repair of race relations in the United States, that has to change. It’s much catchier and emotionally impactful to say “white denial” than just “denial,” but that isn’t to say that it’s a good thing. Unfortunately, emotionally impactful is the way to go no matter which side of the argument someone is on. Recently, it has been the only way to get the public to listen.

The Result Of Emotional Reaction

The Result Of Emotional Reaction

If “white denial” has unfairly disadvantaged people of color, it would be emotionally impactful to bring up the advantages for people of color that have been brought by white guilt. Merely suggesting this runs the risk of being accused of racism, and that’s another part of the problem. Calls for an open discussion on race are abundant, but when an open discussion is presented it is often times shut down with that accusation; “racist.”

Slavery was terrible, and only the cruel would argue a case in favor of it, and a case for it will not be argued here. It was so terrible that the United States abolished it. However, there were still lingering problems as one would expect. African Americans were seen as second class citizens and were truly at an unfair disadvantage economically, socially, with education, and nearly everything else.

Courtesy Of The Democrats

Courtesy Of The Democrats

The Republican Grand Old Party (GOP), established 1854, was founded as the new party opposed to slavery. Its first member to become president was Abraham Lincoln, whose famous Emancipation Proclamation shook the world. This is why when Democrats brand Republicans as ‘racist bigots’ who have ‘white denial,’ they become a little confused.

At the time, the fix for that lingering need for social change seemed obvious to the Democrats of 1890, “separate but equal” Jim Crow laws. Separate restrooms, drinking fountains, schools—everything. But, after a series of emotionally impactful acts of virtue, true virtue, things started to change. Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus,and with that the civil rights movement was given a historic starting point.

John F. Kennedy, like Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated. The difference with JFK, though, was that he didn’t live long enough to see his anti-discrimination views come to fruition before he died. Right after JFK’s death, Linden B. Johnson approached the majority Democrat congress and asked that they pass laws to make it illegal to discriminate in the workplace. The Democrats finally gave in, and Jim Crow was no more.

Actual Progressive Results

Actual Progressive Results

A type of “quota” was put in place for colleges, schools, and the workplace. This quota is called ‘affirmative action.’ In the U.S., a certain number of people of minority status must be hired, accepted into a college, and so on—but that want for social change still lingered. That want caused ripples that still affect the U.S.—and the world—today.

White guilt lived on, and so did affirmative action. What was once something to put in place in order to guarantee discrimination wouldn’t be a factor suddenly came to the forefront of modern society as race-baiting and white guilt persisted. Whites refused to speak about their guilt, and the only ones who would speak about it were—as usual—the Democrats. After all, they should feel very guilty. The GOP was established with abolishing slavery in mind. Democrats opposed it, but had to give in, so a compromise was made; Jim Crow law. JFK was assassinated, and the Democrats were driven by guilt to pass affirmative action laws.

Jump forward to 2008 and the first black President is elected, Barack Obama. For some reason, many thought this would mark the end of racial tension and that lingering need for social change. This was a foolish assumption. The Democrats were fueled by guilt into believing he could do no wrong based on the color of his skin. There’s a word for thinking someone to be better or worse based on skin color—it’s “racism.”


The Mental Gymnastics Required To Believe This Man Must Be Agonizing

he GOP held fast with their belief that all men are created equal, and held Barack Obama to the same standards any man should be held, regardless of his skin color. But, because the GOP felt negative towards him based on his actions and poor performance, Democrats—in their guilt—thought negative feelings towards someone with a different skin color, disregarding everything else, was racist—even though Democrats were the first to bring up race, and it wasn’t on anyone’s mind until then. Basing anything on skin color is racist, negative, positive, or indifferent.

Which brings a few question for Democrats: Why are you so racist? Why do you have so much white guilt that you refuse to hold a man, Barack Obama, to the same standards that you would hold everyone else, just because of the color of his skin? Why do you have so much white denial that you would pretend there are no problems in this world that could be alleviated by seeing all men as equal?

Furthermore, why are you a Democrat if you believe yourself to not be racist? The GOP was founded with the specific intent of ending racism so that no man should have to feel shame for the color of his skin or judge based on the color of another’s. So, if you aren’t racist, why are you batting for the team that sees things in terms of color?

There is one more question that must be brought up for Democrats, but first, some context.

After the civil war, the Star Spangled Banner had a verse added to reflect the nation’s feelings towards slavery. It is as follows:

“When our land is illumined with Liberty’s smile,

If a foe from within strike a blow at her glory,

Down, down with the traitor that dares to defile

The flag of her stars and the page of her story!

By the millions unchained who our birthright have gained,

We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained!


And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave

While the land of the free is the home of the brave.”

The last question is: Which part of this is referencing you?