H/T Freedom Daily.

Will these feral ghetto apes ever get locked up for their crimes?

We are so screwed when a police officer will take an ass whooping instead of shooting a black thug threatening her.


A Chicago police officer made a choice that nearly cost her life. It was a choice that got her severely beaten by gang-mentality thugs. It was clearly the wrong choice.

Instead of shooting the man who attacked her, a female police officer in Chicago decided to let the the thugs savagely beat her into oblivion. She was scared to shoot them with her police issued firearm because she didn’t want to deal with all the political or mainstream media repercussions that often lead to degenerates from the criminal crowd of Black Lives Matter causing riots and burning down neighborhoods.

A Chicago cop sacrificed herself so she could save her neighborhood from burning down.


I think she made a terrible decision. She should have emptied the clip on these putrid fools. These dopes offer nothing to society. They’re probably on welfare. They’re probably not ever looking for a job. They’re just criminals. To have the nerve to fight with a police officer is bad – then to beat up a woman? That’s even worse.

Put these thugs in front of a firing range and let tax payers have target practice like it’s the medieval times. Maybe throw them in a coliseum with some lions and tigers, watch the thugs become mincemeat.