H/T Dennis Micheal Lynch.

Creepy Joe Biden can get away with groping women because he is a DemocRat.

One other reason is because everyone thinks of Slow Joe as that insane uncle that is locked away in the attic.


While the Obamas, the media, and the Clinton campaign have been desperately slamming GOP nominee Donald Trump over his remarks in an old 2005 video about groping women, they have clearly overlooked one major league groper: Vice President Joe Biden.

In released video footage, Biden can be seen on multiple cases groping, grabbing and kissing women inappropriately, to the point of where they are uncomfortable by his creepy gestures. And in more video footage, Biden makes chastising remarks to young women about their appearance and how they should watch out for “boys until their 30.”

The videos were brought to light by Donald Trump today on Twitter.  Below are the video clips: