H/T The Truth Division.

The DemocRats have been rigging elections for many many years.

Earlier this week, President Obama told Donald Trump to “stop whining” about “rigged” elections.

However, the president seems to have forgotten that he admitted to rigged elections back in September of 2008, saying Republicans and Democrats have “monkeyed” around with elections.

Here’s what Obama said at a rally at Ohio’s Kent State University in 2008:

“I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we have Democrats in charge of the machines.

“But, look, I come from Chicago. So I want to be honest, it is not as if it is just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes Democrats have, too.

“Whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction. That is why we have got to have a, I believe, a voting rights division in the Justice Department that is non-partisan and that is serious about investigating cases of voter fraud, is serious about making sure the people are not being discouraged to vote,” he concluded.

He certainly hasn’t followed through with this “non-partisan” Justice Department, as Hillary Clinton continues to get off scot-free and new videos show proof of wide-scale voter fraud.