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This rabid feral ghetto ape needs to be put down like the rabid ape he is.


Patrick Christopher Mack Jr is a 15-yr old boy who was arrested in an attack on an employee at a bicycle shop, is being tried as an adult. His charges include aggravated battery and strong-arm robbery.

Mack rode up on his own bicycle to “City Cycle” the bicycle shop around 10am on Sept 7. He proceeded to ask an employee for help with a flat tire right before he sprayed her with pepper spray and then tried to steal a bike.

The employee did what she could to try and stop him, but Mack picked up a chair and struck her in the face with it. While Investigators were reviewing the surveillance video they recognized that the attacker was wearing the same clothing that a local schooling center required their students to wear.

 With this evidence, they headed to the school center the very next day after the assault to speak to the school board officer, who told them that the person shown on the surveillance video did in fact match the description of one of their students, Mack.

Mack was booked and is now being held until trial.

It’s sad to think that a 15-year old is capable of committing such a crime against another human. Now his whole life has taken a turn onto a road that is going to lead him down a really difficult life of hard times and more trouble.

Unless, he decides to be part of a very small percentage of people that chooses to learn from their bad choices and turn his life around for the better. We can only hope, this is the path he chooses.

However, being tried as an adult and then having to pay the adult consequences to his actions…is going to be real difficult to climb out from under to see the light.

As for being tried as an adult…

He’s not an adult. It’s no excuse for his crime, but the reason why there is different consequences for a child than an adult…is to allow the child a second chance or opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Very stupid, stupid and cruel mistakes.

I feel he should have harsh consequences, in order for him to learn. However, not as an adult. That’s all I’m saying.