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A classless bunch of ignorant assholes.

I bet the whole group of lousy bastards are DemocRats.


Unbelievable but true, a father of a slain American military sergeant, heard the boos of the passengers from the First Class section of the airline flight he was transporting his son’s body on, because the process of loading his Gold Star son on would delay the flight a short while.

According to CBS Sacramento station,  KOVR-TV, Sgt. John Perry of Northern California, was killed this past Saturday when he stopped a suicide bomber on the way to a soldiers 5k Veterans Day run. Perry’s selfless act saved at least 200-300 people.

Perry’s father, Stewart Perry, said, “To hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a Gold Star family and the first class cabin booing, that was really upsetting, and it made us cry some more,” he said. He said his family was even being booed on the airplane as they waited for departure.

Perry said his son’s death also underscores why the American flag is sacred for service members, not just a symbol for protest.

Mr.Perry said his son’s death, “comes at a time military service is facing disrespect.