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I have asked the same questions about blacks doing something about their neighborhoods instead of rioting.


Jeremy Hunt raised many good points when he spoke about the Black Lives Matter protests.

Watch the video.

The protests are 100% embarrassing, often result in crime as they evolve into a riot, and they’re symbolic of the weakness of Americans who can’t seem to get their lives together.

I don’t understand how all these people in bad neighborhoods can come together for a protest and march around acting like they care about something, but then you look a little deeper and realize they’re all full of nonsense.

If they can organize and protest, then why are there so many neighborhoods in inner cities that are absolutely filthy? Why can’t the people protesting use their energy to clean neighborhoods, read with kids, teach people skills to get better jobs and put their efforts into making themselves great?

What happens after the protest? Nothing. They go home and that’s it. Tons of talk, lots of walk, but no real action that makes life better.

You can protest all you want, but while you’re walking – why not pick up all that trash people threw in the street?

The problem, specifically spoken about in the video, is the insanity that’s called the Black Lives Matter protesters.

They march, march, march, but then it gets crazy, violent, and the next thing you know there’s buildings burnt down, people getting gang jumped because they’re the wrong color, shootings, and enough crimes racked up that you’d see 900 years of people on probation.

What’s the point of the violence? Why smash and burn things? Why beat up people who were just walking by or on their way home from work?

None of the Black Lives Matter protests accomplish anything productive, yet so many end up in criminal records and violent destruction.

Yes, that is embarrassing. Not just to black folks, but to all Americans and our country.

We need to use our energy NOT for protests, but for productive reasons.

People with a brain will understand that.

Anyone who disagrees must be one of those protesters causing problems and not being part of the solution.