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I hope this feral ghetto ape gets caught and put in a cage.


These heinous stories are the ones that really make you worry about humanity these days. Police are now seeking help to find a cold blooded killer in Baltimore. To assist in their search they released footage of the murder.

The victim was an elderly man who used a cane to help himself get around. The suspect was a young Black male. In broad daylight…in front of zooming by cars and a woman with a stroller on a walk, this monster is shown stopping the elderly man to talk. It appears he didn’t like whatever the victim’s response was.

As the victim starts to continue on his walk, the suspect follows closely behind him for a few seconds before tackling him to the ground and ferociously slashing at the poor man who could only try to fight his killer off with his cane. The suspect stabbed the man in the side after which the elderly man was able to fight him off for a bit using his legs, but in the end…his killer was able to lunge in and stab him in the gut before taking off by foot.

It’s awful to witness, and once you do see this, you’re going to want nothing more than for this a-hole to be caught and thrown into prison where he gets to hang out with other men that will prove to be a much more fair fight than this poor old man.

It’s hard not think about all the people that were right there able to help, but unaware that this poor man was under attack. A father, a brother, a son, a grandfather. His worth to the people who loved his is priceless, and now they have to live their lives thinking of his awful end at the hands of an absolute monster who deserves NO MERCY once get is caught and brought to justice.

It is being reported that several Good Samaritans did eventually show up to pull the suspect off the victim, but by that time it was too late and he got away on foot. It is that part that is not reflected on the footage that has been released.

The victim was 73-years old, a white man, who was minding his own business when the young black man came up on him and left him for dead.

Where you at now Blacklivesmatter?