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No doubt in my mind that his attackers were feral ghetto apes.


It seems that maybe the sweet Christmas spirit that we should all have this holiday season isn’t filling some souls in the Missouri state.

In St Louis this past Thursday a local musician, Tom Hall, was taking a shortcut home so he could make it in time to watch the St Louis Blues game on television. Now he is recovering from injuries that he suffered when he was viciously attacked for no apparent reason.  He believes he was another victim of the knockout game.

As he walked down Soulard alley in St Louis that night, 4 of the suspects got in front of him asking for a cigarette and a light. He was uneasy and had a bad feeling about it and shortly after their request a punch from a 5th person came from nowhere, creaming him right in the eye. “I saw stars. I fell down. I hit the fence and then he started kicking me,” Hall said.

A neighbor walking his dog walked by and saw Hall bleeding profusely and heard the group of suspects laughing and talking as they walked away.

Being very philosophical under the circumstances, about these men and others, Hall said, “They’re directing their anger at the wrong place. They’re young. They want to feel power and impress their friends. That’s why they do it. It’s an indictment of our society, as far as I’m concerned. The rich have power; those that don’t try to get some, even in a small, stupid way like this. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and [wound up in] a really random act of violence.” But he says he wants them to know that he is not angry at them.

A family member started a GoFundMe Page to help cover his medical and recovery expenses.  Hall just wants to get on with his life but is overwhelmed by the response. 973 people donated $42,138 to Hall in just 2 days which is over the $30,000 his family member was asking for.

It seems like the media just ignores these incidents or puts them on a back page.  I also noticed that there was no mention of the race of the assailants mentioned in the report either.

Per the U.S. Census Bureau, St. Louis is made up of 47.1% white and 46.9% black. We have friends living in the St. Louis area that tell us that large sections of St. Louis are predominantly black. One of those friends had been a member of the Army’s Special Forces. When he got out of the Army, he joined the St. Louis Police Department. After only 2 years on the police force, he resigned and went back into the Army’s Special Forces saying it was safer because being a white police officer in black St. Louis is far more dangerous.

Ever since George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, many blacks have felt empowered to attack whites. There were many reported attacks supposedly related to the ‘knockout game’ where a group of blacks would approach a white person and hit them so hard as to knock them down or knock them out. This has resulted in some deaths and numerous hospitalizations. Many knockout victims reported their attackers would say that this (referring to their attack) was for Trayvon.

In 2012, a Cincinnati man was returning home from shopping at a local Ameristop and had his arms full of bags when he was attacked by 6 young black males that hit him, knocking him to the ground. He told them he had just gotten his aid money and offered it to them but they just laughed and kept on attacking him. The man ended up in the hospital for treatment of severe bruising, cuts, scrapes and internal bleeding.

After the attack in Cincinnati and elsewhere in the nation, black activists including President Obama and Al Sharpton never condemned any of these senseless attacks. They were too busy trying to persecute whites for alleged race crimes against blacks when in many cases there were no crimes or racist acts committed.

The report from St. Louis does not say if the attackers were white or black, but with the history of so many similar crimes and from what we know of race conditions in St. Louis, I would not be surprised to learn that they were black and that the attack was a race related hate crime because the victim is white. However, even if that is so, they will never be charged for committing a racial hate crime because in the eyes of liberal courts, only whites can commit racial hate crimes, blacks cannot because supposedly none of them are racist