H/T Freedom Daily.

I bet Allah will not help when he is getting punked in prison.


In Cincinnati, Ohio, in January 2015 a HUGE fan of the Islamic State thought it would be a good idea to create a plot to attack the President of the United States during his very public State of the Union.

This past March he wrote a very apologetic letter to his family denouncing is devotion to the Islamic State: “I hope they can soon see the change in me, understand me, give me the help I need and allow me to get a second chance.

“I’m not a terrorist, a criminal or a bad person, I’m just a kid who suffered from problems, that made some bad decisions and stupid mistakes.”

Then in August, the Ohio man, Christopher Cornell plead guilty to attempted murder of US officials and employees. The problem was that the Federal judge was skeptical of his ‘remorse’ after Cornell’s outburst in court after sentencing. Cornell was sentenced to a cool 30 years in prison for the assassination plot against the President.

Cornell believed that the system was rigged and then shouted very loudly “Allah is in control, not this judge”!
Cornell’s lawyers tried to argue for a shorter sentence, saying that he had rejected “radical Islamic propaganda. The problem was he left a trail of evidence that despite his sweet letters home to family he continued promoting violence from jail, calling for others to “fight against the disbelieving people of America”.

The saddest thing about Cornell’s belief that his god is in control… if that’s the truth his god wants him to rot in prison for supposedly serving his cause. Hmmmmmmm uh okay.