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I hope they throw the book at this fat slob.

I will not disgrace a pig by calling her one as a pig is useful and she will never be useful.


Nothing is worse than an obese white trash welfare queen who pulls up in her Cadillac to steal from Toys for Tots.

She drives a Cadillac and sucks the tax payers dry when she receives over $500 a month from the government, and she’s still out there stealing from needy kids?

You’ve got to be the lowest form of scum to steal from a group who delivers toys for needy people.

If there was ever a better picture of what white trash looks like, then this is it. Call Black Lives Matter and have them take her white privs away. She doesn’t deserve them anymore.

Where’s that illiterate black Jew named Al Sharpton? He would have a field day with this dumpster pig.
(Note: That’s sarcasm in case you missed it! Sharpton has made anti-Semitic remarks before, and protested Jews for protecting themselves against thugs!)

On behalf of white people, I apologize for her existence. Most white people aren’t this scummy, nor would they would steal from needy kids.

The best part about this is the sheriff who berates her in public. The video is below.


– A former Toys for Tots volunteer — repeatedly labelled a “Grinch” by a jolly Sheriff Grady Judd — is behind bars after allegedly scamming the charity out of dozens and dozens of toys.

Deputies say they received a tip that Tammy Strickland, 38, had personally kept toys she received from Toys for Tots that were intended for needy children in the Eagle Lake area.

After investigating, detectives determined Strickland submitted a “large number” of applications on behalf of dozens of children — providing, as part of the process, everything from their names to partial Social Security numbers to the gift each child wished to receive.

But it was all fake, they say.  In fact, detectives believe Strickland used 140 fictitious children’s names and 28 fictitious adult names.

Deputies set up an undercover sting Monday in which Strickland believed she going to pick up more donations.  When she rolled up in her Cadillac, she was arrested.

“This is really not the Grinch,” Sheriff Judd said Tuesday, holding up a photo of Dr. Seuss’s green-skinned, small-hearted character, then adding Strickland’s mug shot next to it.  “THIS is the Grinch.”

The sheriff was particularly incensed that Strickland has been receiving government assistance.

“The wonderful people of this state and this nation are paying her so she can steal from the kids. Are you kidding me?” Judd exclaimed. “Come on girl! You drive a Cadillac, you steal toys from kids, and the federal government is giving you $511 a month? Wow.”

Here’s Sheriff Judd’s full press conference.


I hope she lands a few months in the slammer for her inability to be a productive citizen. I want her car seized and sold at an auction. I don’t care which drug dealer gets it. Even drug dealers don’t steal from kids.