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If this is not  hate crime I do not know what is.



However, police are not investigating the incident as a hate crime, but rather trespassing.

The menorah was rebuilt thanks to the help of community members.

“Vandals twist Arizona family’s garden menorah into swastika” 

TIMES OF ISRAEL, December 31, 2016

A jewish family from Arizona received a nasty shock over the weekend when a festive menorah they had erected outside their house was vandalized overnight and contorted into a swastika.

In recent days Seth Ellis of Chandler built the menorah out of PVC pipe for his children, who had asked for a holiday display in the garden after seeing Christmas trees around town.

However, on Friday, Seth and his wife Naomi woke up to discover the menorah had been destroyed and bent into the shape of the Nazi symbol.

Naomi called the police, who arrived at the scene in the early morning to help the couple take the swastika down before the children woke up.