This little ninnies are supposed to be our future leaders and captains of industry May God Help Us. 


Students at the prestigious Georgetown University are hosting a “self-care” night, complete with huggable stuffed animals, to recuperate after inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

A Facebook event page for “GUPride Self-Care Night” claims the event, hosted by the Georgetown LGBTQ student organization GUPride, will feature everything a well-adjusted person needs to deal with the trauma of a president they don’t support: “Legos, juice boxes, and more!”

The Facebook event even features a photo of childhood stuffed animals as the cover photo for the event page.

According to Campus Reform, an email sent to members of GUPride described the event as explicitly “post-inauguration self-care.”

The email sent to students reads, “Join GUPride for a night of relaxation, recovery, and rest after a long week. There will be legos [sic] and stuffed animals and coloring books—come to embrace the inner child and hang out with people :)”

The event will be hosted on Jan. 23