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President Trump is stealing the DemocRats thunder and their supporters. 

Donald Trump’s first days in office are already attracting some praise from leftists who opposed him.

After withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Bernie Sanders released a statement which read, in part, “I am glad the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead and gone,” Sanders said. “For the last 30 years, we have had a series of trade deals – including the North American Free Trade Agreement, permanent normal trade relations with China and others – which have cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and caused a ‘race to the bottom’ which has lowered wages for American workers.”

Also praising Trump were a number of rest belt Democrats, who represent areas that have been disproportionately affected (negatively) by the kind of trade policies Trump opposes.

Even the Teamsters union praised Trump – even though over 90 percent of their campaign contributions go towards Democrats! “Today, President Trump made good on his campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. With this decision, the president has taken the first step toward fixing 30 years of bad trade policies that have cost working Americans millions of good-paying jobs” said Teamsters president James P. Hoffa.

Next up is renegotiating the North American Free Trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

As Truthfeed reported:

After a successful meeting with President Trump, union leaders told the press that Trump showed them the utmost respect and they’re excited to work with him.

Watch below:

A few of the union leaders in attendance at the meeting withT rump said they had never been invited to a similar meeting ever at the Obama White House,

No representatives of controversial public-sector unions such as the SEIU were at the meeting, but that’s their loss. Everyone whose actually bothered to try to work with Trump appears to be pleased with the man. It’s almost as if they WANT him to be Hitler incarnate.