H/T Minutemen News.

I do not see this bill gaining any traction as the Republicans control both houses of Congress.

The DemocRats seem to be Hell bent on being voted into oblivion.

All we’ve been hearing over the past week (and months) is the yammering, stammering nonsense of Democrats who object to Donald Trump as President.  The mainstream news has been full of EVERYTHING BUT the real work that’s being done in the Oval Office.   Here’s yet another distraction.

The Washington Times reports – Saying they fear President Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger, two congressional Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday that would prevent the White House from launching a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war from Capitol Hill.

Sen. Edward J. Markey and Rep. Ted W. Lieu said their bill was designed to put a check on Mr. Trump, who during the presidential campaign had sent mixed signals on his thoughts about nuclear proliferation and the possibility of a U.S. first strike.

“It is a frightening reality,” Mr. Lieu, California Democrat, said of Mr. Trump, saying the new president showed a lack of understanding of U.S. capabilities.

U.S. law and American military policy does give the president the power to initiate a nuclear strike. Mr. Trump during the campaign said he would not strike first — but immediately added he would also be prepared and “can’t take anything off the table.” 

Evidently, they STILL haven’t received their reality check.   The American people decimated their power in government.  “Democrats lost over 1,000 seats total in state and federal politics over the course of Obama’s time in office.”   How much more of a message do they need?

Get to work – approve Trump’s cabinet.  Stop the nonsense!