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Trump and Comey seem to be very friendly in 2017Alex Durig

Three years into a ten-year appointment as FBI Director, there has been a lot of question surrounding whether James Comey will stay or go now that Trump is here. In a fascinating decision, Trump said yesterday that he is keeping Comey.

Somehow, it makes sense – after all, Trump and Comey have become two of the most controversial people in the news, and they have survived some rough and tumble politics, so they have a lot in common.

In fact, yesterday Trump said about Comey, “he’s become more famous than me.” This is not a typical Trump line, and there is reason to believe this remark itself indicates that Trump really likes Comey. It is not like Trump to even hint at sharing the limelight with anyone, yet he does lavish praise in symbolic ways on those special few he likes most.

While it is common knowledge that…

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