Teamsters’ Hoffa: Trump Doing What We’ve Talked About for a Decade


H/T Fox News Insider.

Hoffa and other union officials now understand President Trump means what he say about Making America Great Again.

The DemocRats are crapping in their pants because the unions are singing the praises of President Trump.

Teamsters president James Hoffa said he welcomed President Trump’s overtures to the unionized workforce this week and praised the New Yorker for his quick action on future pipeline projects.

“This is a good beginning,” Hoffa said, “what he did for Ford [Motor Company] was terrific.

Trump issued an executive order this week commanding the relevant agencies to take a second look at constructing the Keystone XL pipeline in the Great Plains, and asking that domestically-produced materials be used to construct it if built.

People are talking about investing in America and creating jobs,” Hoffa said.

Neil Cavuto asked whether Hoffa found odd the scenario in which union leaders, typically a Democratic Party base, are visiting the White House and praising a Republican president.

“[Trump] is the president of everybody here,” Hoffa said, “it’s amazing that it’s a Republican that’s doing what we’ve been talking about for… ten years.”

Hoffa said he hopes to convince Trump to be equally interested in proposing a minimum wage increase.


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  1. Teamsters’ Hoffa: Trump Doing What We’ve Talked About for a Decade | Brittius
    Jan 28, 2017 @ 03:47:41

  2. JCscuba
    Jan 28, 2017 @ 00:49:14

    Excellent piece, will republish tomorrow, thanks, J.C.


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