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crew-22312113Chuck Schumer didn’t wait a minute past the announcement of Appeals Court Justice G. Neil Gorsuch

Schumer and the rest of his progressive ilk are hypocrites. 

Chuckey is not just a hypocrite he’s a fool.

The media has not got their act together but hey, it’s been just one day.


Look to them to march in “Goose step,” like Hitlers Nazis when they do.

Without their talking points there are no points as not one of the members of the U.S. media is capable of independent rational thought.


The democrats have said there is no way he will be approved.

Of course there’s a song for that. (Source)

He failed to mention after he bashed the nominations of Justice Alito and Roberts, the Roberts was the killer vote foisting the unwanted and soon to be replaced Obamacare upon the United States.

Not one Republican voted for it, it was done…

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