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Kellyanne is correct the DemocRats is states that President Trump won with double digits these DemocRats will pay the price for the ignorance of their leadership.

Kellyanne Conway believes that Democrats will ruin their own party because “they’re hysterical about everything.”

After the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court drew some Democratic opposition this week, President Trump’s senior adviser predicted that it’s going to cost them in the end.

“The Democratic party — we’re seeing it unravel in front of our eyes, and we’re seeing it be revealed in front of our eyes,” Conway said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” Thursday.

“[They are] a bunch of crybabies who say that they’re going to oppose Supreme Court nominees before they even know the person’s name and his academic credentials and his impeccable judicial record. They are holding up our nominees to the Cabinet. This obstinance and obstruction is the modern Democratic party.”

I think it’s going to cost them because they’re hysterical about everything now,” she predicted. “Everything makes them cry and scream.”

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