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crew-22312113It is what it is, the media needs to save its piss and vinegar for the time President Trump with Congress decides it’s time for a National Voter Registration Card using bio-metrics and required proof of United States citizenship.

There will be carrying on in every grave yard in America as the democrats will have lost their voting base, the dead voter.

29 Oct 2003 --- Man Holding Identity Card --- Image by © Varie/ Alt/CORBIS Man Holding Identity Card — Image by © Varie/ Alt/CORBIS


The reasons for not having a secure voter registration are many on the left, they are for the most part false.

Voter-ID laws continue to get a lot of attention, and proponents of the law are being drowned out by opponents claiming the laws discriminate against certain voters.

Rather than getting IDs to the people who are supposedly disenfranchised, opponents spend their efforts trying to end the laws, even though polls consistently show overwhelming majorities of voters approve…

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