Find the leakers then replace them or demote them

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This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published atZero Hedge.

Editor’s Comment: A new drama is unfolding at the White House – it seems that embittered holdovers inside the president’s office and close to his quarters are determined to out the questionable behavior and gaffes from his early administration. An angry President Trump has already blasted moles inside his White House for leaking reports about his angry calls with the presidents of Australia and Mexico, as well as a series of anonymous tweets from a group of self-professed leakers.

While opposition to a new presidential regime naturally draws hyperbolic criticism from the opposing party, these leakers claim this is like no administration before in American history – right now, these people are claiming to expose an out of control leader before it is too late. If so, will they uncover anything substantial? What will become of…

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