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“They can tell you what they want you to hear and they can keep that up for many, many years…And then, eventually when it’s time, they’ll do what they believe is right…If that is to hurt an American – or hurt many of us at one time – they’re going to do it.”

Steven Gern, former U.S. Marine, private security contractor.

Former U.S. Marine, Steven Gern returned to the United States last week after a video the private security contractor posted to his Facebook page while in Iraq went viral.

Days after President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13769 (Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States), Gern made a short video sharing the discussions he had with Iraqis incensed by the EO.

The video went viral racking up 44 million views after which Gern was informed by his private security contractor that his life was…

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