H/T Eagle Rising.

I have news for CNN’s Jim Acosta and all of the other media types President Trump is not undermining confidence in the news media and their stories.

Danny Blather(Rather) Tommy Lockjaw(Brokaw) and their cronies have undermined confidence in their news stories years ago. 

During President Trump’s press conference, he discussed a wide range of topics, including Russia, fake news, his former national security advisor General Mike Flynn, fake news, the problem of the inner cities, jobs and unemployment, fake news, the Democrats’ stalling his cabinet appointees, and fake news. Trump was clearly in his element.

He took a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Ironically, Acosta had lamented the day before that the ‘fix was in,’ noting that Trump was only going to call on friendly networks.

Well, that wasn’t the case. The President called on lots of different people – even Jim Acosta, whom the President said works for a ‘very fake news’ organization CNN.

“Aren’t you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people’s faith in the 1st Amendment freedom of the press, the press in this country, when you call stories you don’t like ‘fake news?’” Acosta asked the President. “Why not just say, ‘It’s a story I don’t like?’”

He added, “When you call it ‘fake news,’ you’re undermining confidence in our news media. Isn’t that important?”

First of all, Trump didn’t invent the term ‘fake news.’ The news media did – or at least, they’re responsible for its popularity. And they used it to undermine confidence in conservative and libertarian-leaning organizations and news media. It’s been part of an effort to eradicate anything and everything that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss.

But it’s backfired. Trump is merely using their own words and tactics against them, and they don’t like it.

Second of all, the media undermines itself by distorting facts, over-sensationalizing stories, omitting key details, publishing reports based on totally unsubstantiated information, all for the purpose of undermining the people’s confidence in Trump. They’re doing exactly what they’re accusing Trump of doing to them.

They don’t need the President to undermine the people’s confidence in the news media. They do it to themselves. They’re pointing a finger at Trump, but they’ve got three fingers pointing back at them.