If McCain is the leaker I hope he gets jacked up big time.

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211By its very definition, illegal means one simple thing, it’s illegal.

The progressive/left in our country couldn’t give a damn about breaking the law, they do it continually, most notably under the past administration.

Under President Trump, the new theme will be, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

To come under serious investigation by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is Senator John McCain of Arizona.


Is angry John the inside leaker?

It has been alleged that the “White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone.” (Source)

Forget what the hand ringers from the left have to cry and moan about it when a person comes here illegally, the have broken the law.


“DHS Starts Crackdown On Illegal Border Crossings.”

It’s about time both parties in our government start pulling on the same end of the rope on this specific…

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