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Francisco Suarez Sr helped clean up Lemon Grove California by taking out some of the trash.  


A homeowner wrestled a gun away from an armed home invasion suspect, killing the 15-year-old intruder in the process.

The incident occurred in Lemon Grove, California, around 2 a.m.

According to CBS 8, 15-year-old Derrick Harris Jr. and another suspect allegedly broke into the home. Investigators indicate that both suspects were armed. Forty-four -year-old Francisco Suarez Sr. and his 22-year-old son were home at the time, and Suarez Jr. was shot while struggling with the suspects.

Suarez Senior then grabbed one of the guns and tried to wrestle it away from one of the suspects. The gun “went off” and a bullet struck Harris, killing him. The second suspect then fled the scene.

Lt. Kenn Nelson of the San Diego Sheriff’s Office said, “You have a person who committed a very brazen and violent home invasion robbery, and in doing so brought along a 15-year-old child who, eventually, during a struggle was shot and killed.”

The suspect who fled is described as “an adult man.” He is being sought and may be charged with murder in the death of Harris.