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crew-2231211As it has been said, “The First Amendment would be mute if it weren’t for the 2nd.

Blood sucking, no nothing, progressives along with their willingly deceitful media are plotting against the 2nd Amendment, which was handed down as our Four Fathers wrote from  “Natural Rights,”  given from the divine hand of God

nra1Once again the New York Times has blown it and where would we be without the NRA to clue them in.

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BY: Stephen Gutowski

February 28, 2017

The National Rifle Association (NRA) released an ad mocking the New York Times on Monday.

The NRA’s ad is a parody of one run by the New York Times during the Oscars.

In its ad, the paper described the difficulty of discerning the truth from the noise.

The ad ends with the…

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