Once Written

Obamacare is not fixable!  It can’t be repealed, fixed, tweaked or debated. The new American Healthcare Act was unveiled this week.  It repeals all taxes, penalties, and subsidies imposed by Obamacare.  Democrats are sticking to their guns that Obamacare can somehow be amended to ‘fix’ some of the less desirable aspects of the program.

It’s kaput, shit, broken . . . so let’s move on.  Of course everyone, including some house and senate Republicans are saying everyone is going to “loose their healthcare coverage under this new plan.”  Where have I heard that  before?  Really?

What about the 6 million who actually lost their existing insurance after ACA was signed into law?   The media and Obamacare activists would rather you look the other way on that figure. Here is a typical response on why ACA doesn’t work.

“ACA has made healthcare unaffordable for me and a lot of people…

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