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(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) — In an era of what WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange calls “weaponized text” — when terms like “fake news” can be used to discredit media outlets who refuse to tow the corporate line — it’s important to point out instances where journalists get it right.

One such journalist, who got it right for The New Yorker on Tuesday, is Steve Coll — whether he meant to or not.

In a piece titled “Donald Trump Meets the Surveillance State,” Coll, who is dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, highlighted something independent media has been saying for years.

The true danger of government leaders granting themselves more and more power, Coll argues, isn’t necessarily tied to the person who currently sits on the throne. The true danger is the precedent that gets set for the next one to wear the crown.

“The President and his advisors…

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