( Milo ) New York’s education board will likely move to ban literacy tests for prospective teachers after repeated failures from black and Hispanic candidates, reports the Associated Press.

The decision is expected to come tomorrow.

The outlet reports that just 46% of Hispanics and 41% of black individuals pass the test on the first try, while that number stands at 64% for white individuals.

This has raised concern among opponents of the test, such as Leslie Soodak, who feels the test’s tendency to weed out minorities is a problem

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,” says Sodak – a professor of education at Pace University.

Pace University student Tabitha Colon also took the test and got a failing score, describing it as “pretty difficult.” Colon was also apparently “thrown off” by so much of the test being online as opposed to on paper.


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