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The United States Government has three branches, The Executive Branch, The Judiciary Branch and The Legislative branch.


Now from is minority position of U.S. Senator over his progressive ilk in the U.S. Senate he threatens to shut down the federal government if he can’t get his way on Trump’s border wall.

If he isn’t taken out behind the barn and bitch slapped until he is nearly comatose, what will stop him from doing the same with every issue the Trump administration proposes?

Nope, we don’t need a “Schumer Branch of the U.S. Constitution, in fact, we don’t need this delusional fraud at all.

Democrats flip sides on legislative tactics.


 March 14, 2017

 Matthew Vadum

After Democratic lawmakers’ years of shrieking and televised temper tantrums over how shutting down the federal government somehow approximates treason, Democrats have suddenly embraced the tactic in their quest to keep the…

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