ISIS Shoots At U.S. Helicopter … The Response Was EPIC!! [VIDEO]

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Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

March 15, 2017

ISIS machine gun operators, not capable of understanding that their machine guns could not reach the high-flying choppers had no idea what hit them when their positions were immediately blasted by gunship rockets.

You got to love this one!

Never known for their shooting prowess they typically practice in the day time.

They also use asymmetrical warfare with the I.E.D as their weapon of choice.

Apparently, the goat shaggers who trained them forgot to tell them a very important point.

When helicopter gunships fly that die you and all those around you, women and children will die.

There has been footage uncovered of our U.S. military taking down ISIS.

This is the best video of instant justice ever and I am sure you will agree that it is EPIC!

Defense Watch

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