H/T The Lid.

Little Smuckie Schumer is helping assure DemocRats in states where President Trump won will be voted out.

One of them is Little Joey Donnelly in Indiana. 

Sometimes it’s a surprise when Sen. Schumer isn’t being a hypocrite, in this latest video from 2013  Chuck Schumer got to tag along at the end of a statement by then majority leader Harry Reid.  They announced they were ending the filibuster for most presidential appointments. Schumer said there should always be an up or down vote no matter who is in charge.

In the video below Reid drones on for one and a half minutes saying in part the there should be only two reasons for a filibuster:

“For the first 140 years as a country, there were no filibusters. The founding fathers were very clear in what they thought there should be supermajorities [for]. Impeachments. And, of course, on treaties. And in the same paragraph, as it deals with two-thirds votes, specifically the founding fathers did not mention, at all, other things other than those two things that required a super majority.”

Senator Schumer wrapped things up with:

We’d much prefer the risk of up-or-down votes in majority rule then the risk of continued total obstruction that’s the bottom line no matter who’s in power