Susan Rice, Obama’s national Security Adviser, asked for ‘unmasking’ of Donald Trump administration. Leaking it to the media is federal felony.

Rice request for unmasking of Trump transition team is part of Obama’s Trump Tower wiretapping story the liberal media ignore and call as nonsense Unmasking is not a crime because unmasking names is normal process during intel gathering, but leaking it to the media and making it public – like what happened to General Mike Flynn- what makes it a crime. That is a federal felony.

NOTE: “Unmasking” is the process of identifying individuals whose communications were caught in the dragnet of intelligence gathering.

 Mike Cernovich has more on the story at The Medium.

The White House Counsel’s office identified Rice as the person responsible for the unmasking after examining Rice’s document log requests. The reports Rice requested to see are kept under tightly-controlled conditions. Each person must log her…

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