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(WND.com) When Fox News revealed that it was Susan Rice who “unmasked” the identity of incoming Trump officials in surveillance data gathered by U.S. intelligence agents, it surprised no one.

Susan Rice Tacitly Admits Lying About Unmasking

Rice, throughout her career in government, has found herself in the center of controversy and scandal. Whenever Presidents Bill Clinton or Barack Obama needed an alibi or someone to mislead the American public, it was often Rice to whom they turned for help.

With the possible exception of Valerie Jarrett, there was no aide closer to former President Obama than Susan Rice.

Rice, the former national security adviser reportedly responsible for making dozens of requests to unmask the names of Trump associates in raw intelligence reports, was so close to Obama that one former National Security Council staffer said the president “views her like a sister,” according to a flowery 2014 Newsweek profile headlined “Susan Rice: Obama’s Right-Hand Woman.”

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