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Islam is a disease that needs to be eradicated.

This is a very suave yet savage critique of Islam — and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Pat Condell is a former comedian that has produced hundreds of videos, many of which have gone viral.

In this video, Condell lashes back at the label ‘Islamaphobe’ and says that civilized society should give NO place to Islam.

In this video he tackles the following:

Islam and the West
How Islam is defined
An ideology that preaches death deserves no respect
Hatred of no-Muslims is rampant in the Koran
Islam unapologetically persecutes unbelievers
Child marriage in Islam
Hijabs and children
Muslim men and accountability
Islam and Western culture
Islamic ‘Jew-hatred’ and ‘gay-hatred’
The Koran
Violence that erupts when Mohammed is depicted
Saudi Arabia funding terror
Sharia courts in Britain implementing Islamic Law
Halal meat
Islam’s fundamental values
and more!

You’re going to want to hear his big finish.

Watch his numerous reasons:

That was amazing!