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How many of the vicious animals are roaming America’s streets?

The border wall needs to be built and we need extreme vetting of all immigrants.

The immigration issue for many progressive lawmakers is an abstract, philosophical and perhaps even an intellectual concept of how they envision “the world should be.”

However for the relatives of yet another American family, the immigration issue is real, and not an abstract theory, it’s a heartbreaking tragedy, filled with grief, loss, recrimination, anger, despair heartache, anguish, pity, sorrow and regret.

Moreover and perhaps the greatest crime of all is that lawmakers no longer feel compelled to enforce the law regarding illegal immigration, and so perhaps another young life is snuffed out at 17.

Raymond Wood is the latest young victim in a story that’s become all too familiar in America today. His body was found Monday night after the Bedford County dispatcher received a 911 call from a motorist.

Victim Raymond Wood

Sheriff Mike Brown told reporters that a motorist reported the incident about 9:30 p.m. stating: “she had found a deceased person lying in the road.” She told dispatch she saw an older model Honda Accord head toward U.S. 221 at a high rate of speed.”

“Minutes later, a Bedford County sheriff’s deputy responding to the call on Roaring Run Road met the Honda near Virginia Memorial Park on 221,” Brown said. “The driver of the car identified himself as Victor A. Rodas, age 19, of Lynchburg. While talking to this individual, the deputy learned that he was an illegal alien. He was contained and transported to Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.”

The following day (Tuesday), reports to the sheriff’s department of two suspicious Hispanic males on Brookhill Road off U.S. 211 in the Forest area (near where the body of Raymond Wood was found the day before) asking a passing individual to make a phone call on their behalf, a little while later a small sports car appears and the 2-Hispanics individuals came out of hiding and pile into the auto.

Once altered with a description of the auto, the vehicle was stopped at Cottontown Road, where deputies determined that the three occupants were illegal aliens.

Moreover, the three individuals; Victor Arnoldo Rodas, 19; Jose Coreas-Ventura, 21; and Lisandro Posada-Vazquez, 24, are gang members of the notorious MS-13 and have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Raymond Wood.

According to victim Raymond Wood’s uncle, the details of the crime are horrific. He says Raymond Wood’s hands were cut off and his throat was cut. These criminals are nothing more than animals.

Sheriff Brown acknowledged that the death of Wood was not random and is connected to “narcotic-related activity.”

“It appears at this point in time, the 17-year-old, a Raymond Wood, did not leave voluntarily from the city of Lynchburg,” Brown further acknowledged.

Source: Roanoke Times